Only the world’s best golf destinations need apply

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Whether a golf club, resort or destination, your identity, reputation and integrity is equally as important as the quality of your course, which is why an invitation to join a portfolio of like-minded golf facilities is an opportunity not to pass by.

Joining is a statement of trust – both in our brand as well as yours – and only those clubs that meet our exacting criteria will be invited to join, ensuring your brand will only ever be associated with the very best golf destinations. With the promise of superior quality, on and off the golf course, every club affiliated to will exceed service expectations and deliver a visitor experience of the highest calibre.

An evaluation to join will cover all aspects of the golf operation, ranging from the clubhouse and changing facilities, to the F&B offering, yet it is the quality, condition and design of the course and associated practice facilities, that will prove fundamental to any invitation being extended following a familiarisation visit – an appraisal which also includes a comprehensive course inspection.

Membership to is free at the point of entry for all clubs, resorts and destinations that meet the entry criteria, with invitations to join extended to only a few select facilities each year. As a destination, your golf operation will generate increased green-fee visitor revenue, and furthermore, clubs and resorts that sell real estate, fractional-ownership, five-star hotel rooms and luxury villa rentals will benefit from increased exposure to golfers seeking to associate themselves with the world’s finest golfing destinations.

For a prospectus about joining, and organising an evaluation visit of your destination, email and we will be delighted to discuss your potential inclusion within the portfolio.

Membership Benefits

Green Fee Revenue

Drive increased green fee revenue, and enhance membership enquiries.

Room Rate Occupancy

Increased hotel room and villa rental yield for destinations offering accommodation.

Real Estate Property Sales

Resorts selling real estate can market property directly to golfers looking to buy.

High-Wealth Golfers

Attract high-wealth golfers who aspire to play the world’s best golf courses.